PhysioGo 301 Combination Therapy Machine

Mains and Battery powered device for Ultrasound Therapy and Electrotherapy.

PhysioGo 301 is fitted with a rechargeable Li-Ion Battery for mobile therapy and can be used on the mains in the clinic.

The two independent electrotherapy channels produce many popular current waveform types including 2 and 4 pole Interferential, TENS, Muscle Stimulation, Tonololysis, Galvanic and Microcurrents.

The ergonomic 4cm² ultrasound head, supplied as standard, features contact control and produces a maximum power density of 3W/cm² on 1MHz & 3.5MHz.

Optional accessories include a 1cm² ultrasound treatment head, an internal battery which can power the device for up to 8 hours, and a carry case.

This compact unit, designed for demanding professionals, includes 20 years of experience from the specialists at Astar.

Astar PhysioGo is manufactured in Europe.

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  • Operation mode: manual, program
  • 204 Preset treatment programs
  • 150 User-defined treatment programs
  • Statistics: the number of performed treatments
  • Encyclopedia with treatment methodology description
  • Treatment programs chosen by name or medical field
  • Calibration parameters stored in the ultrasound head
  • Self-test: systematic control of the unit
  • 7” Colour touchscreen
  • Real time clock
Ultrasound Therapy
  • Frequency: 1 MHz and 3.5 MHz
  • Effective radiation area: 4cm² (standard head) and 1cm² (optional head)
  • All ultrasound heads feature contact control
  • Precise control over the ultrasound wave emission during treatments
  • Ultrasound head sensitivity calibration
  • Automatic control of emitted power
  • CC (Constant Current) and CV (Constant Voltage) modes
  • Electrode Test
  • Interferential (dynamic, isoplanar, AMF)
  • TENS (symmetric, asymmetric, alternating, burst)
  • TENS for spastic paralysis therapy
  • Kotz / Russian stimulation
  • Tonolysis
  • Diadynamic (MF, DF, CP, CP-ISO, LP)
  • Pulse (rectangular, triangular)
  • Trabert pulse, Leduc pulse
  • Unipolar sine surge
  • Galvanic
  • Microcurrent
  • Electrodiagnostics with graphic presentation of I/t curve
  • Automatic calculation of rheobase, chronaxie and accommodation coefficient
Electrotherapy Patient Circuit Limits
  • CC Mode - Galvanic: 40mA
  • CC Mode - Diadynamic,Pulse: 60mA
  • CC Mode - Interferential, Kotz, Unipolar: 60mA
  • CC Mode - Tonololysis: 100mA
  • CC Mode - Microcurrent: 100μA
  • CC Mode - TENS: 140mA
  • CV Mode - All waveforms: 140V
Technical Specification
  • Ultrasound generation: continuous/pulsed
  • Max ultrasound power density: 2 W/cm² (continuous), 3 W/cm² (pulsed)
  • Pulse frequency: 16 Hz, 48 Hz, 100 Hz
  • Pulse duty cycle: 5 to 75 % in 5 % steps
  • Dimensions: 32 x 28 x 11-16 cm
Exceptional Design

Launched at Medica 2015, the PhysioGo series won the MedicalExpo i-NOVO Award in the DESIGN category. Products in this category had to integrate current design trends, be visually unique, demonstrate exceptional attention to ergonomics and propose an innovative solution for an emerging need.

Standard Warranty
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on the Astar PhysioGo
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on the Ultrasound Heads
Extended Warranty

The warranty on the PhysioGo can be extended up to 5 years (parts and labour), simply by having the device serviced annually by EME Services Ltd. (Excludes consumables and Ultrasound Heads).


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