Chattanooga Triton DTS Package

The Chattanooga Triton DTS package offers a complete system with a uniquely engineered spine table, a sophisticated traction unit, and simple harnessing with Quik-Wrap™. The system is further accessorised with a cervical traction attachment, knee bolsters, and pressure biofeedback device.

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Chattanooga Triton DTS Features
  • 5 unique DTS Pull Patterns deliver pulls designed to closely replicate the manual therapy experience
  • Pretension step eases guarding and provides greater comfort for the acute patient
  • Independent timer control for pretension, progression, traction, and regression
  • Automatic speed variation during the Progressive phase
  • Gradient pulls, oscillations, and Progressive Range of Motion
  • Variable speed motor (30%, 50%, 100%) increases treatment flexibility
  • Clinical Protocols™ for cervical and lumbar along with 80 User-Defined Protocol slots
  • Static, intermittent, and cycling traction options
  • Full color graphic library includes anatomical images, common pathologies, and detailed belting techniques on high resolution touch-screen
  • Multi-lingual software on board
  • Save patient treatment sessions on Patient Data Cards, which record patient pain mapping, pain scales, and pain types all from the unit to the card
  • Surface EMG activation initiates the session when patient relaxes to the EMG target
  • Provides maximum patient comfort in prone and supine positions for both manual therapy and traction therapy
  • Pelvic Tilt section provides flexion of lumbar spine to improve positioning in traction
  • Pelvic Tilt helps address pelvic asymmetry commonly seen in low back pain patients
  • Independently controlled arm and chest sections assist in maintaining a neutral spine
  • Repositional head piece elevates to 35º, allowing easy access to the thoracic and cervical spine
  • Repositional head piece cradles the patient’s head comfortably in prone and supine
  • Tuck-away, grab bars for prone hanging traction without a thoracic restraint
  • Gas spring assist on friction-free moveable sections for easy positioning
  • Adjustable height table from 52 - 104 cm
  • Removable axilla posts provide additional fixation to the table, preventing slippage during supine traction


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